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Are you looking for a new digital marketing agency in Spearfish, SD? Like our grandpappy used to say, “Finding a needle in a haystack ain’t easy!” Well, we never had a grandpa who said that but dang, if he did that’d be a perfect transition for the content below.
Yes, we provide digital advertising services. In fact, we proudly serve South Dakota businesses up and down Interstate 90, from Spearfish to Sioux Falls. But what does a digital marketing company like Cannonball Digital do? Simply put: we help your business show up more often on Google and Facebook…and YouTube…and Pinterest. Basically, the Internet is our playground and we like to have fun!

It's about building long-term relationships, not just lead generation.

Creating leads is important; however, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. At Cannonball Digital we call it the 2%. Any given month, approximately 2% of the market is actually ready to buy. Your prospective customers have researched for weeks (probably months) and finally made a decision. They go to Google and search for a specific keyword. For example, if you sell real estate: “homes for sale Spearfish.” That’s where our digital marketing agency can help you stand out from the rest. Our humans use kick-ass technology, really dig into the data, and help your business get found more often by the right audience.
But what about the 98% of the market that isn’t ready to buy? This is where we really shine, like a penny in a pool of water on a bright, sunny, summer day. If you’re still reading, you must appreciate dry, bad metaphors. We’ll expand on this more when we chat soon
Sioux Falls Digital Advertising 98 Percent Infographic

Digital marketing services that can help Lawrence County businesses.

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Google My Business

We help with word-of-mouth optimization through directory cleanup and response management.
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SEO Marketing

SEM or pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC). It really doesn’t need to be this complicated. With Cannonball Digital, it isn’t.
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Content Marketing

Create demand for your brand through helpful and educational content.
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Paid Socia Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. We get more eyeballs on your stuff.

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