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Digital advertising, does it work? Does your business need a digital advertising agency?

Is your digital advertising working?

Digital advertising works when a handful of items are strategically aligned. We’re a digital advertising agency in Sioux Falls, SD, that works with businesses of all sizes and shapes. One key element that has allowed us to be successful across many different industries is our approach. The list below will get you started on the right path so you can answer, “Is my digital advertising working?”

1. Marketing Expectations

Leading off: Set clear expectations and goals. Be very clear up front so nothing surprising happens a few months down the road after you activate new campaigns. Has your current agency worked with other clients in your industry? What do they think worked or didn’t work? What is their knowledge level?

2. Audience

On deck: Know thy audience. It’s hard (almost impossible) to create a message and know what media channels to use if you don’t know who your target audience is. Let’s say a demographic of women ages 35 to 50 has the potential to grow and your business is seeing success. It’s hard to create a compelling message if you don’t know what problems you’re solving for that particular group of people. That’s just scratching the surface but it should give you enough to get rolling.

3. Media Channels

In the hole: What media channels are most impactful for your target audience and goals? A lot of times the client’s budget will dictate how many channels are available. We like to focus on core channels like Facebook and Instagram (plus Google and YouTube) before we branch out to others. Spreading out your budget doesn’t allow for the right reach or frequency. In the digital marketing agency world this is simply called strategy.

4. Marketing Strategy

Bases are loaded: Time to carry out strategy and placement. Don’t be boring. Nobody is sitting around waiting to click on your ads, but they are actively listening and learning. When you distribute helpful, informational content you will start to build credibility and that leads to trust.

Digital Marketing Data

Use data to drive better decisions. Yep. Data, data, data. Too many digital advertising agencies run old-school, cookie-cutter campaigns. They don’t take the time to develop the four steps listed above, which means the data available isn’t good data. Google Analytics provides a lot of information that should drive the next steps for making your campaigns better and better.