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Onboarding: Step-by-Step

Setting you up for success! Let’s get you started on growing your pipeline. But first, the onboarding process. Our step-by-step playbooks will show you how to get things rolling. Just click on the section you need & we’ll guide you from there!

Primary Onboarding Needs

Growing your business with Cannonball Digital starts with these three essential guides, each outlined meticulously in our user-friendly, step-by-step documentation. Whether it’s setting up analytics, improving your local presence, or optimizing your social media presence, these guides pave the way for clients to seamlessly integrate our services and unlock their business’s full potential.

Secondary Onboarding Needs (Channel-Specific)

These guides are typically needed on a case-by-case basis & we will indicate if needed!

The Linkedin Page super admins will receive an email notification that Cannonball Digital has requested access to create Sponsored Content on behalf of your organization. Once approved, Cannonball will be able to launch campaigns!