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SEO Marketing in Sioux Falls

Does your business need SEO marketing in Sioux Falls? Yes, yes you do! Cannonball Digital can help more people find your company when they visit Google or other search engines such as Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, etc. We will get you to show up more often on these platforms, thus, creating more opportunities to grow your business.

What is search engine optimization?

While it’s common to see the phrase SEO optimization lumped together, SEO is actually an acronym for search engine optimization. Okay, good! Now that we’ve gotten grammar out of the way, what is SEO?

Let’s use a sports analogy to help understand it. In this scenario, a website is the player, SEO is practice, and a search engine, i.e. Google, is the Major Leagues (or insert your favorite professional sport).

If you’ve never practiced baseball a day in your life, you have no chance of playing in the Major Leagues, right? The same reasoning applies to SEO marketing.

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That same player would need to put in hours upon hours of practice (optimization) before they ever had a chance of reaching the Major Leagues (Google page 1 search results). And just as there are multiple ways to practice a sport, i.e. drills, strength training, and conditioning, the same goes for search engine optimization.

All of these combined efforts lead to performance and the ultimate goal of getting drafted to the Major Leagues (or getting your website to show up on the first page of Google). In time, you’re trying to make Google “like” your website as the suggested result for searches related to your industry or field of expertise, not just searches for your business’ name.

Benefits of a successful SEO strategy.

Below is a list of additional reasons a sound SEO strategy can help your business.

  • Clean up older pages not ranking with better technical SEO
  • Relevant page titles
  • Relevant meta descriptions (the explanation of your page on Google)
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Build your brand and boost credibility
  • Pick up non-paid traffic to your website
  • Create an opportunity for your business to pick up more shoppers you weren’t visible to before
  • It’s typically the preferred channel for your clients
  • Social media syndication
  • Sales collateral
  • Expressing your expertise
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Is it time for your Sioux Falls area company to enlist our SEO services? Only if you’d like to create an opportunity for your business to pick up more shoppers you weren’t visible to before. Access the button provided to start the conversation about SEO marketing and how we can help.